After 2 weeks of roll-out we have 51 SRS (Skype Room System) devices deployed across the country for DWP (Department for Work & Pensions) with a further 34 rooms planned to deploy this week.

The room solutions are a combination of Logitech MeetUp and Rally kits which include wide angle horizontal axis views coupled with excellent high quality camera lenses and a clear, crisp audio experience. In fact one of the first things business users say as they walk in is “wow, it’s such good quality and clear”.

We also are midway through deploying 5 more complex AV SRS rooms, which include a 4-in-1 flexible room with ceiling integrated and lapel mics – leveraging high end Biamp DSP (Digital Sound Processor)  audio as well as a 20 seat circular room which will provide ‘servants of the realm’ with a state of the art collaboration enabled round table leveraging Biamp ceiling audio, 4 displays and a Poly (Polycom) round table active video camera. #Camelot2.0


The process for the core SRS delivery is underpinned by a weekly image and build process run out of DWP’s Manchester hub where skilled engineers fully configure and test each SRS before it is packed and labelled with a quick reference guide included and ready for Stone AV to collect and install the following week at one of the many locations around the UK we are enabling for connected collaboration capabilities. Many people at these sites previously had to travel for face to face meetings, now they have a cost and time effective alternative to consider when planning meetings around the country.

A top feature of the SRS rooms business users are enjoying is auto-wake and one-touch-join which allow them to start video meetings in less than 10 seconds from entering the room! #FasterThanARocket

Stay tuned.

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