Lesley Crook

Microsoft Most Valuable Professional


All Symity Teams training sessions hosted on Teams include top tips on the importance of using the right headset and how to switch headset devices depending on your hybrid ways of working.

In the past year I have become so accustom to wearing a headset they are morphing into my head! I have 4 different products on the go.

  • Good old iPhone white cable that neatly tucks into my pocket and handy when queuing unexpectedly.
  • Tiny Samsung Bluetooth Earbuds perfect at the gym with freedom of movement on iTunes. Had mine about 3 years, cost about £20 and still work perfectly! These are the latest versions

Samsung Galaxy Buds | Wireless Earbuds | Samsung UK

  • When facilitating Teams training, I go old-skool with Plantronics Blackwire Corded Headset https://www.poly.com/gb/en/support/product/blackwire-3200#support-model-6  The cable provides extra confidence as no need to worry about Wi-Fi or battery life fluctuating.
  • For day to day meetings I use Plantronics Voyager Headset with Bluetooth flexibility to dash down stairs from my loft office when the dogs bark as the doorbell rings. When I am not using this headset for work I find them so comfortable I pretty much wear them all day when home alone, doing house work or dog walking and listening to Audible books or podcasts. I took this a step too far when I dived into a pool and swam a length underwater with them inadvertently round my neck! I was mortified but after a few days in the recent heatwave they dried out and work perfectly!


I was surprised what else some of their headsets have lasted through. Hot air balloons, and to the moon!

However, we do not recommend them when swimming but highly recommend them on Teams Meetings, Podcasts, Audible, iTunes or dog walking, hot air ballooning and Moon walks.