Choose your Journey

Its all about how you get there.

Defining what Unified Communications, Microsoft Teams and M365 means to your organisation, successfully deploying it, transitioning to new ways of working and maintaining the service can be challenging.

We have developed a range of Practical Guidance for Cloud Voice aligned offers that will help you navigate your Microsoft Teams and M365 journey, no matter what the size or vertical of your business. Our services encompass planning through delivery including transforming your ways of working through effective adoption programmes, whilst maintaining the service so you can achieve your goals and optimise the return on your investment.

What is Practical Guidance for Cloud Voice

Practical Guidance for Cloud Voice is a Microsoft guide and toolset for defining, implementing and managing a reliable, cost-effective communications service based on Microsoft Teams. The guidance covers solution, adoption and service elements across the entire lifecycle, from planning through delivery and into operation.


Journey Planner

Planning for success and delivering value from your Microsoft Teams and M365 investment

For organisations starting their Microsoft Teams and M365 journey who require expert guidance to ensure success and maximum benefit from their investment.

Journey Planner has been designed to define a roadmap, business case and architecture that will successfully deliver a Teams service that meets your requirements and supports your transition to new ways of working.


Meeting Spaces

Transforming the meeting room experience with Microsoft Teams and M365

Transforming the meeting room experience with Microsoft Teams.

For organizations wanting to increase the success of virtual meetings and reduce the need for travel by bringing the familiar and easy to use Teams video, audio and sharing experience to the places where people meet, share and collaborate.

Meeting Spaces consists of Microsoft Teams Meeting Room packages covering equipment, installation, training and ongoing support. Each package has been designed using our extensive experience and is delivered using a structured, aligned approach to ensure success.


Why Choose Symity?

Our organization solely specializes in deploying Unified Communications solutions using Microsoft Teams, every member of our company has specialist skills, in-depth knowledge and extensive practical experience of Teams.

We have significant experience in:

  • Development of Unified Communications strategies using Microsoft Teams
  • Simple and complex mission critical Microsoft Teams telephony solutions
  • Microsoft Teams video conference and meeting room solutions
  • Adoption campaigns to ensure people understand how to use the solution and actively choose to do so
  • Deployments across different verticals including Oil & Gas,
  • Manufacturing, Health, Education and Public Sectors
  • Deployment to office and operational locations across 20 countries

We are committed to delivering Microsoft Teams solutions that enable organizations to transform the way

they work and achieve significant business benefit.