Our Approach

We understand that communication is at the heart of every business.

Communication should be an enabler to increasing personal and business productivity. All to often it can be a barrier.

Whether you have specific needs or require strategic direction, we help you place Unified and Universal Communications (UC) with Microsoft technologies at the heart of your organisation.

Our team of specialists help define your strategy, by analysing current services and helping identify the weaknesses, and then demonstrating how Unified Communications can meet those needs. We then turn those needs into solutions driven by a clearly articulated roadmap that supports change to the business. Through our experience across UC we can help select and deliver the right solution for you ensuring it is adopted across the business to maximise the benefits.

Our UC Services can transform your Unified Communication environment to meet today’s needs and support future requirements.

Universal Communications is a new approach to a changing dynamic. UC enables collaboration in real time, wherever and whenever required. We work with you to identify a clear UC roadmap, we use careful planning to ensure people adopt the technology while embracing the transformation.

We are determined that your UC investment runs smoothly and
returns dividends.

We do this by tailoring our flexible and proven approach to meet your needs.

This approach is underpinned by four key pillars:

Solution-icon Unified and Universal Communications (UC) with Microsoft technologies including Skype for Business and Lync


Defining, building, testing and deploying the appropriate technical solution and processes
symity delivery-icon Unified and Universal Communications (UC) with Microsoft technologies including Skype for Business and Lync


Ensuring the opportunity is understood and successfully delivered
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Managing business change to ensure users embrace the solution and gain maximum benefits
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Defining and deploying an approach to maintaining and managing the solution

Across each of these four pillars, our structured methodology ensures that we implement the right solution to meet your needs:

Case for change

Even though you may know what is right for your business, it is not always easy convincing others; however, you do not need to face this challenge alone. With our blend of experience, knowledge and expertise in Unified Communications, we will work with you to build a solid 'Case for Change'; by defining your current challenges, identifying your key needs, mapping your long term goals and determining your success criteria. The end result will be a communications roadmap that can be used to support and justify your need for change.


Before we can help you with where you need to go, we must first understand where you have come from and where you are now. We will work with you to identify the challenges that you face, your current solutions and why they do not meet your 'case for change'. This will enable us to identify the most appropriate option to meet your challenges and help you prepare and plan for the changes in your business.


Our expertise in planning and implementing UC solutions will give you the confidence that our team of consultants have the necessary experience and qualities to design the right solution to fit your needs.  Whether our role is to provide quality and guidance for your own design teams, or if you wish to leverage our end-to-end design services, our expertise in all aspects of the solution, from infrastructure and peripherals through to service and adoption, will provide you with assurance you need.


Our message is strong, it is not just about deploying software. Building UC solutions require extensive knowledge, not just in technology, but also in people and the impact it has on their ways of working. Our experience and know-how in developing communication and training strategies will help address these concerns and encourage adoption across your organisation. Having deployed UC systems in some of the most challenging environments, our team has all the necessary expertise to guide you through to a successful implementation.


Navigating the troubled waters of business change can be tricky. We know that old habits die hard and change is often feared so we focus on three key elements where the success of any change is measured: People, Technology and Process. Our experience tells us that the key to any successful deployment is to engage with people early, communicate why the business must change and what it will actually mean to them. Only then, by allowing them to realise the benefits that the technology will bring and the improvements in the way they work, can you be assured of a successful deployment.

We place Unified and Universal Communications (UC) with Microsoft technologies including Microsoft Teams at the heart of your business.

Enable faster and more effective communications and collaboration across your enterprise. Our solutions will meet all your needs and help you create an organisation-wide universal communication and collaboration strategy.

Discover the benefits of the latest cutting edge Unified Communications platforms. With Microsoft Teams - expect financial savings, a better-connected workforce and superior customer care.

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